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OG WhatsApp is a famous social sharing app that people use in their daily life and daily use. They use it to share their images, videos, documents, files, songs, audio, and videos in various forms. They also use it for Vedio calls or Voice calls.

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In this digital world, Whatsapp App is a very famous and useful app. This app does not need to be introduced because this app has 500 Million active users every month. And whatsapp has 50+Millions. This is the first app that is used for Android devices. This app is the same as the Original app and has some features same as in other WhatsApp. This is a free app and has a user-friendly interface.This OG also known as “Original Gangster” Whatsapp is not available on the Google Play store. Because it is not the official app. This app was developed by third-party developer AlexMods in 2018. This app provides you with outstanding features like hiding status, status saving, chat lock, sharing large files, and others. It also controls your privacy and security.

What Is OGWhatsApp Pro?

OGWhatsApp Pro is a modified app. This app is the new version of WhatsApp. It is not available in the original OG WhatsApp. Its new feature was developed by AlexMODs.It has unique and amazing features like privacy settings, customization, hide last seen hide double click, etc. It has many features that we explained below: OG WhatsApp is a famous social sharing app that people use in their daily life and daily use. They use it to share their images, videos, documents, files, songs, audio, and videos in various forms. They also use it for Vedio calls or Voice calls. Now in the market, people use its latest version 17.70 and it is based on  it is a 70MB file size. This app was developed by AlexMODs in 2018. This is a third-party app like GB WhatsApp or Whatsapp Plus. And now this time these apps have 50 million+ downloads.

OGWhatsApp Features

In this world everything has amazing features and these features make it different then others. Some unique features of OG Whatsapp also make it more special than other types of Whatsapp. Here we learn about all the features of OG Whatsapp.

OG Themes

OG has many themes. You will find a lot of themes and you can upload them on your WhatsApp if you like. You can change the look and interior chat colors with your own choice. You can also use user images or another image in the place of themes. 

Send Stickers

You can also choose different stickers and emojis to make your chat more exciting.

Stickers are the best source to show your feelings of happiness, sadness, and heart in chats. 

In-built Lock

Most people want to save and lock their chats and they require a lock chat option in WhatsApp. OG Whatsapp is better app that you can lock your personal and private chats easily.

You can lock your chats with a face lock, thumb lock, or password lock.

DND Mode(Do not Disturb) Mode

The main feature of OG Whatsapp is “ DND Mode(Do not Disturb) Mode”. This mode disconnects this app from the network and turns off the notification. By using this app nobody can disturb you by sending messages from this app and you can work easily.

Best Emoji Collection

OG Whatsapp has all types of emojis sad, happy, sleepy, laughing, and angry that you can use in your chats. These emojis work as an emotion in your chats.

Themes & font styles

You can change your chat font styles and use the available writing fonts. Font makes creativity in your chats. These fonts include different variations such as bold, italic, or different typefaces like Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri.

Change Icons

There are many icons in OG Whatsapp. You can use different WhatsApp icons by using this latest version of OG. 

Hide Last Seen

The amazing feature of OG WhatsApp download is that hides the last scene of your chat. You can easily hide the last seen and nobody seen when you online and what is your last seen.

Save Status

If you want to save the status of anybody upload their status and you want to save it on your device. Then, you don’t need to download another to save statuses. OG WhatsApp download can save the status of other people. You can upload this status on your WhatsApp or save it on your device.

Send Large Videos

OG Whatsapp enables us that we can share large files like videos, music, and audio without any issues. You can send your videos only in one click without cutting your videos into different parts. It also ensures that we send a message from 250 people only one we send it directly to 600+ people at the same time in a group forum.

Different Language Support

OG Whatsapp supports multiple languages including English,  Spanish, French,  German, Portuguese, and some others according to the user base. Using this feature of WhatsApp you can talk easily worldwide people with cheat in different languages.

No Ads 

 OG Whatsapp is the official App that is used for messaging, and sharing images and vedios and has a user-friendly interface.  Those people who use WhatsApp can communicate with their friends without the interruption of ads. Users can contact their relatives, family, and colleagues without any distractions.

Blue Tick

You can hide your blue tick and can control whether you read the message or not. This app shows a blue tick when you reply.

Block Calls

If anyone is disturbing you and you don’t want to talk with this person then you can block it. You can also block all unwanted calls. The blocking process is very simple. Simply click on the setting option and then click on privacy and here you find the block option.


 OG WhatsApp download has a fantastic feature of anti-ban. This feature ensures that if we use the moded version of WhatsApp our account is not banned. Users can enjoy all the features of OG WhatsApp without the fear of being banned from accessing the service.

Backup And Restore

You’ll be able to create backups of your data and restore them later.

Two WhatsApp Accounts

You can use two WhatsApp accounts on one device. It’s great for managing many numbers without needing an extra device.

Personalize Your Messaging App

You can customize themes, and pick chat backgrounds to make your messaging app look the way you want.

Control Your Privacy

You can decide who sees you when you are last online. Hide read message indicators and enhance chat security with advanced privacy settings.

OG WhatsApp Keeps You Safe

OG WhatsApp reduces the chance of getting banned, it secures your account for a long time.

Keep Your Media Private

You can private your photos, videos, and GIFs in your gallery by turning on “Hide Media” in settings. This way, selected media stays private in your device’s gallery for added privacy.

Share Large Files

You can share larger files without the restriction of size limits.

Extra Security for Your App

You can add a passcode or use biometric authentication for extra security. This helps protect your messages and access to the app.

Highlights Features of OG WhatsApp

  • Hide Bluetick & Double Tick can tell you if your message is sent or read.
  • It helps you to control how can see your profile picture.
  • It shows when someone is Typing & Recording.
  • You can Send Large Files like videos, audio, or other files.
  • It can Add more protection to keep your chats safe and secure.
  • It also allows you to send messages at specific times.
  • Autoreply
  • You can Save or Copy the Status of anyone who uploads their status.
  • DND Mode is also called the “Do Not Disturb” mod. This mode also turns off all notifications.
  • It can Backups and data recovery
  •  This app works as a Secret Locker. It can Keep your private messages and files secure.
  • Og Whatsapp pro can Change the themes and fonts that how the app looks and reads.
  • You can also change the site Icon of your WhatsApp.
  • It can Turn off all incoming call notifications.
  •  You can write the status up to 250 words.
  • You can send the 100 images at the same time only at once.

Pros & Cons of OG WhatsApp Apk

Pros of OG WhatsApp Apk

  • It can add two accounts
  • Hide blue ticks
  • Share larger files
  • Read offline
  • Download statuses
  • Read offline
  • Easy user interface
  • Works with less data and lower speed
  • Customize your experience
  • Extra useful features

Cons of OG WhatsApp Apk

  • Security risks
  • Not official app
  • Limited support options

OG WhatsApp Vs Official WhatsApp

Here I explained the comparison table of OG WhatsApp and the official WhatsApp app.

FeatureOG WhatsAppOfficial WhatsAppAdvantage (OG)
Customization OptionsExtensive customizationLimited customizationOG
Privacy FeaturesEnhanced privacy features, e.g., hiding online statusBasic privacy featuresOG
Message Recall LimitExtended recall limit for messagesStandard recall limit for messagesOG
Status Length LimitIncreased status lengthStandard status lengthOG
Theme OptionsMultiple themes and stylesLimited theme optionsOG
Hidden FeaturesAccess to hidden or unreleased featuresStandard feature setOG
Multiple AccountsSupports multiple accounts on one deviceOne account per deviceOG
Media Sharing LimitHigher limits for media sharingStandard limits for media sharingOG
App Store RestrictionsNot restricted by app store policiesSubject to app store policies and restrictionsOG
Community SupportStrong community support and custom modsOfficial support onlyOG

How To Download and Install OG WhatsApp APK?

OG WhatsApp Apk download is not available on the Google Play Store. It is a third-party app and the downloading third-party app process is very simple. Now if you download third-party apps then you can easily download them by following these steps:

  • First, You need to enable the unknown resources in your Android device. Then go to Settings > Security> Unknown Sources, and then turn on it.
  • Download the OG WhatsApp Apk app from a reliable resource like our website. 
  • Click on the given download button. 
  • When the Apk file is downloaded, open the file manager app and then install it. 
  • Open this app and verify your mobile number same as the original WhatsApp without any issue.
  • Hurry, your download and verification process is complete. Now, you can enjoy it.

OG Whatsapp APK for iOS

In our digital world, many people use iPhones or IOS mobile and they want to use OG Whatsapp on their IOS device. Many people shift their normal Android mobile into an IOS phone and they want to use all Android apps in the IOS or iPhone. However, it is not possible because Apple stores have many strict policies and do not allow to use of normal apps on iPhones.

Those people who use OG WhatsApp Apk for iOS in their daily lives and they want to use it on their IOS devices. Third-party developers develop modified versions to fulfill their requirements and make it possible to use this app on iOS or iPhones.

 This modified version has many extra features than the normal whatsapp. There are some extra features of OGWhatsappa for IOS users. This app shows a unique interface for IOS devices. OG Whatsapp for iOS has many unique features that hide status, blue ticks, status save, send large files, No ads, fantastic themes, send stickers, and many more. 

It also allows you to add more than one account in one Whatsapp. OG or original gangster” is completely safe and 100% secure for your IOS device. I am sure you downloaded this app and also enjoyed OG WhatsApp features. So, download OG Whatsapp for IOS from our website. We will provide you with all the discussion about OG WA in this article so stay connected with us till the end of this article.

OGWhatsapp for PC

Do you want to know how to download the OG Whatsapp on your Windows 10/8/7 or your PC? This article is written only for your help.  In this technology world, people use most platforms for communication. Many apps are introduced for communication but WhatsApp is the King of all apps in the communication App system.

 Many people about over 2.78 billion use WhatsApp this app has very active members in 180 countries. Whatsapp for PCs has Every month  2.5 billion unique visitors every month.  Most people use the Play Store to download Android apps. But for IOS users people do not use Play Store to download. If you are also an IOS user and want to download OG whatsapp for your PC then you need to download the Emulator software.

 Emulator software is very important for downloading all apps from the Google Play Store on a laptop or PC. As many people download apps like TikTok, snap tube, PUBG, Subway Surfers, Snapseed, Beauty Plus, etc. are present in the Androied or IOS App Store. The same Emulator supports all these apps on PCs and laptops.

OGWhatsapp Download for PC Windows 10/8/7 

First, you download a Bluestick Emulator to run the Android application on your PC or laptop device. Bluestack is also available for MAC users. To download the Bluestick emulator you need to follow these steps:

  • The most important step is you need to follow the Bluestacks software. We provide its link below. 
  • Installing the Bluestacks emulator is very easy. Once you have installed it,  click on the open link and open it.
  • Wait, it takes some time to load this emulator. Once you have opened it then you can easily it on the home screen of your Laptop device.
  • Then Google Play Store installed it on your laptop or PC device. When it appears on the home screen then you should double click on the icon of the app.
  • After the click process on the installed button then you see that OG Whatsapp Pro is easily installed on your PC or Laptop. 
  • You should find it in your Bluesticks installed apps. 
  • Now you need to double-click on the install button, and OG Whatsapp Pro automatically starts on your Laptop. You can use it the same as you use it on your IOS or Android device.

OGWhatsapp for MAC Download

Whatsapp is a very popular app in our world. In the communication world app, Whatsapp is the most useful app and almost every person uses it.  Zuckerberg claims searched and discovered that 100 billion messages are being used via the Meta/Facebook-owned company every day. However, according to a 2023 report 140 billion messages are sent every day from Whatsapp. People use this app on all devices like Android, PC, desktop, laptop, or Mac.

 Today, in this article we talk about the type of Whatsapp OG in Mac. Mac is a very useful app in this technology world. If anyone uses an IOS or Android app you can easily replay its message from your Mac device. For OG WhatsApp people make groups on whatsapp and can make group calls on your MAC.

 In the first call, 8 people can join the video call and in the audio call, 32 people can join it easily. This App is redesigned for MAC users so that they can easily chat on a big screen. Users also can easily share their large files by dragging and dropping them into chat. They can also easily their chat history. 

How to use OG WhatsApp on a Mac

In 2015, Whatsapp launched a new version for PC, MAC, or desktop devices. A browser whatsapp must allow users they log in to their whatsapp on an Android or iPhone device and get access to a MAC or Laptop. Here we explain in a few steps:

  • Open OGWhatsapp on your iPhone or IOS device.
  • Click on the setting option.
  • Tap on the linked device.
  • Click on the link device.
  • Then go to the OG Whatsapp.
  • Then scan the QR code of your iPhone into the MAC device code.
  • Wait it takes some minutes that you are logged into your MAC device.

Now, you will be able to access and receive all messages, notifications, calls, videos, and other chats on your MAC device. 

Developers of OGWhatsApp

This app was developed by a third-party company. There are many developers of this app but in this article, we discuss two main developers of OG Whatsapp:

OGWhatsApp by AlexMods

AlexMods is the owner of OG WhatsApp. With time people’s requirements increase for WhatsApp. And he wants to try to fulfill the needs of people. He made a new version of WhatsApp and this version gained success. People loved and liked this version.

OGWhatsApp by HeyMods

When OG Whatsapp becomes successful in the world then HeyMods creates a new WhatsApp And adds many unique features to it. This whatsapp also become successful in the world.

Alternative to OG WhatsApp APK

1. FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is like a cooler version of WhatsApp. It’s not about texting – you get cool themes and privacy controls. You can use two accounts, share more files, and keep up with the latest updates.

2. GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is an exclusive variation of WhatsApp that comes with distinct features. You can use two accounts and even schedule messages. But be careful, using it might get you banned.

3. WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus makes WhatsApp look unique. You can choose different themes and even lock the app. It is cool and supports two accounts. But remember, using modified versions can have security risks.

4. YOWhatsApp

YOWhatsApp is like a super-fancy WhatsApp. You can make it look exactly how you want – change ticks and chat bubbles. It lets you use two accounts and has extra privacy features. It is always updated with the latest WhatsApp features.

Picking the Right One

When choosing a replacement for OG WhatsApp, consider your preferences and needs. Make sure you choose updates from reliable websites. Be cautious with these apps as they can pose risks. Keep your data safe while enjoying the extra features.

OGWhatsapp Data Backup Procedure

For iPhone or IOS users many people want to know how they take backup data or the procedure of their chat into Google Drive or iCloud storage. You want to back up all things on your iPhone. Then the best and easiest way is for you to follow me and complete these steps. After that, you would be able to back up and restore your data.

  • When you open your OG Whatsapp on your iPhone home screen. Then you see here five buttons which are given below. You need to Choose the right option all the way, which is labeled “settings.”
  • In your device setting, you need to click on the Chats option.
  • Here find the option of chatting back on the chat page.
  • After clicking on it you find the option “ Back up and now ” Click on the backup process. Or select the backup process and start back frequency. 
  • Your  OG Whatsapp all Data Backup process is complete and after a few seconds, you find that your all data comes back.

How to Migrate from Official Whatsapp to OG Whatsapp?

Are you looking to know how to migrate the official whatsapp data to the OG WhatsApp without losing your data? This article completely guides you and gives all the info about it. So don’t worry, There are two methods of data migration.

Step 1. Backup WhatsApp data

First, open your whatsapp,  > Go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup > Tap BACK UP to and make up this backup in the right way.

Step 2. Transfer Original WhatsApp data to OGWhatsApp

  • You need to download the OG Whatsapp from any reliable and trusted source like our website. 
  • Uninstall all Whatsapp that are not clear about their data.
  • Then open the file manager in your IOS device and> find whatsapp folder> and rename this folder of OG Whatsapp.
  • Open this folder and go to the media folder > Rename all of these folders >, for example, Whatsapp images to OG Whatsapp, Whatsapp Vedios to OG Whatsapp. 
  • After that open this OG Whatsapp and complete its verification process.
  • The next process is suggest you to restore and you find> click restore option and click on transfer official Whatsapp to OG Whatsapp.
  • The backup process of the official OGWA process is complete. 

Many people are iPhone users and want to transfer their data from a normal Android mobile to an IOS device then they can use Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer. This process does not take any backup process.

Other Modded Types of OG WhatsApp

The OG is known on social media as an “Original Gangster”. But there it means the name of the social media app. This app has different types: 

  • FMWhatsApp 
  • YOWhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Mix
  • WhatsApp Plus
  • WhatsApp Aero
  • GBWhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Gold
  • RA WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Pro
  • WhatsApp Business
  • WhatsApp Royal
  • WhatsApp Sniffer
  • Soula WhatsApp
  • NS WhatsApp
  • JTWhatsApp
  • AZ WhatsApp

Is OG WhatsApp Safe or Not?

OG Whatsapp is 100% safe and secure and people use its al features to secure their privacy. It provides amazing features, like themes, increased data-sharing restrictions, fonts, hiding status, or profile pick. Some unique features of WhatsApp have no versions and developers developed new features in it. These things decrease the security system of this app. Otherwise, it is safe.

If you download it from an untrusted and unofficial app then you can face malware, viruses, or other safety things. I would prefer you to download it from a reliable source like this website or another official site.

Why should you use OGWhatsApp APK? 

There are 16 types of Whatsapp like, GB WhatsApp, Red WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, Yo WhatsApp, Business Whatsapp, or many others. But OG stands for ( Original Gangster) Whatsapp or OG WA is the official app. This app has fantastic features, greater customization options, hide status, share large files, status saver, chat locker, and additional functionalities as compared to the official WhatsApp application.

 Its new version has advanced features while other Whatsapp does not have these features. There are many reasons to use this official app. It has some extra features like, hide status, hide blue tick, save status, DND( Do not disturb), no ads, different languages, or see deleted messages of anyone.  This app also customizes your whatsapp aspects. This app has a modified version for IOS, MAC, or PC devices. 

Is OG Whatsapp Legal in 2024

No, this app is not legal on Whatsapp. Google Play Store does not allow this app due to its fantastic and moded features. This is a moded app and this app was developed by third-party developer AlexMods in 2018. This app has moded versions.  Many people are more interested in using APKs (Android Package Kits) or modified applications. 

These moded versions are against Google’s policies and rules. Google was unhappy with these moded versions and after some time google removed all these moded apps from the Play Store. But Google did not agree and these versions of OG Whatsapp and other moded apps are against Google’s policies. Therefore, Google banned these moded versions. 

But third-party developers understand the people’s needs and they fulfill their requirements.  Third-party developers developed many apps in the market for Android devices. And now they set these apps for IOS, iPhone, or PC. OG whatsapp for iOS is also a moded app and according to Google, it is illegal to use it. Sometimes the use of things also depends on how the user uses them. Users’ methods became the app legal or illegal. 

 What’s new in the latest version

  1. You can Update this MOD to the new base version of WhatsApp:
  2. New interface for voice calls and voice messages
  3. Search option available to search the Shortcut in messages

Requirements and additional information

  • Its minimum system requires Androidwaves version Android 4.0.3.
  • To install this app you want to enable all “Unknown resources” by setting your mobile and
  • downloading APK files on your mobile device.
  • This app is a modified version of APK files, developed by third-party developers and not available on Play Store you can install it on any reliable source.

Permission Required to Download OG Whatsapp Pro

  • A good internet connection is required to download OG WhatsApp Pro.
  • You have to access the device location and easily access its Gallery and Contacts.
  • You have complete knowledge about your device
  • I will recommend you download it with a better WiFi connection.
  • You can easily Access its external storage.
  • Your device has internal storage space.

How to Update OGWhatsapp

There are 2 methods for OG Whatsapp updates for iOS devices. Here below I explained these 2 methods:

Method 1

  • First, open your OG Whatsapp on your iOS device.
  • Click on the setting option and click here on three black dots.
  • Then, tap on the update option and check for updates.
  • If updates are available then, click on the the updates from the web.
  • Here you find a download option.
  • Click on the download button and download all updated files. Click on it and take all updates.

Method 2

  • Simply, click on the given download button.
  • Then, click on the given download updates file and update.
  • Hurry, Your Ogwhatsapp update process is complete. 

How to Use OGWhatsapp APK

OG Whatsapp Apk for iOS is the modified version of the official app that is launched by third-party developers and clients for a better experience. This application has many unique features that the simple original whatsapp does not have. This application OG Whatsapp is completely secure and allows you to add more than one account in one whatsapp. 

Beginners people ask about how to download this app and use it in their daily lives. Now I explain some steps that how they download it and use OG WA for communication.

  • First, You need to enable the unknown resources on your IOS device. Then go to Settings > Security> Unknown Sources, and turn on it.
  • Download the OG WhatsApp Apk for iOS app from a reliable resource like this website. Avoid downloading it from unofficial apps that become harmful to your IOS and create viruses in it.
  • Click on the given download button. 
  • When the Apk file is downloaded, open the file manager app and then install it. 
  • Open this app and verify your mobile number same as the original WhatsApp without any issue.
  • Hurry, your download and verification process is complete. Now, you can enjoy it.

Now the OG Whatsapp Apk for IOS download process is complete and you can use it easily. You can use it more easily than how to use Original Whatsapp. Now you can send your images, videos, messages, files, and many more that you want with OG Whatsapp on your IOS device.


Is OGWhatsApp pro safe to use?

Yes, it is completely safe and secure. You must download it from a reliable and right source like from AlexMods.

Can I use OG and GB WhatsApp on the same device?
Is this WhatsApp available for IOS users? 
Is it legal to use OG Whatsapp?


OGWhatsApp provides you with many extra features like themes and privacy options that the original WhatsApp doesn’t have. This app is not available on the Google Store and it was developed by Third party members. OG WhatsApp is a great option if you want to have more privacy and fun to customize your chats. It is a safe platform for your normal messages. I also used this app for a long time and never faced any issues. You can take regular og whatsapp updates from the developer with time.  OG WhatsApp helps you use two accounts and gives you many ways to make your messaging look how you want. It updates often to make things better. It’s good if you want a unique and personal look, but using a changed app could have security issues. Talking to other users in the community is helpful for tips and comparing with other mods. Joining forums or groups can help you decide and stay up-to-date. Regular updates are important for new features, fixing bugs, and staying secure. Get updates from trusted places and be careful about privacy.

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