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Do you feel bored with your usual messaging routine? GB WhatsApp is the solution! It comes with cool features that are simple to use and can make your chats more fun. Let’s explore the top 20 features of GB WhatsApp together and discover why it’s loved by many.

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1. Editing Sent Messages

You sent a message and now want to change it? With GB WhatsApp, you can! Edit your sent messages without the hassle of deleting and retyping. Easy and convenient!

2. Messaging Yourself

Guess what? GB WhatsApp allows you to send messages to yourself. It’s not for talking to imaginary friends. You can use it as a reminder, use it to make notes, or use it to create your grocery list. A personal space for you!

3. Voice and Video Notes

GB WhatsApp goes beyond voice notes – it now has video notes! Express yourself not only with your voice but also with videos. Share moments, and reactions, and make your messages more personal.

4. Video and Audio Calls

Enjoy unlimited communication with GB WhatsApp’s easy video and audio calls. Connect with your loved ones worldwide without any restrictions. Break free from communication boundaries!

5. VPN Compatibility

In places where using WhatsApp is a bit tricky, GB WhatsApp helps out. Turn on a VPN for smoother operation. No more hiccups, clear and efficient calls.

6. Hide Last Seen

Want to keep your last seen time private? GBWhatsApp lets you hide it, but here’s the deal – you won’t see others’ last seen either. A little trade-off for those who value privacy.

7. Limited Last Seen Visibility

Not everyone needs to know when you were last online. GB WhatsApp lets you choose specific contacts who can see your last seen. Keep it private from the prying eyes you select.

8. Custom Themes

Bored with the usual chat look? GB WhatsApp has cool themes. Pick one that matches your mood, giving your chats a fresh, personal touch.

9. Hide Chats

Need a break from certain chats? GB WhatsApp Download allows you to hide them without actually deleting the conversation. A little digital hide-and-seek for your peace of mind.

10. Anti-Delete Messages

Don’t like messages disappearing? GB WhatsApp’s anti-delete feature keeps them even if the sender tries to delete them. Your chats, your rules!

11. Share Live Location

Planning to meet up with friends? GB WhatsApp allows you to share your live location, making coordination a breeze. No more endless texts asking, “Where are you?”

12. Auto Reply

Got a busy day? GB WhatsApp’s auto-reply feature has your back. Set up automatic responses for when you can’t reply yourself. It is a personal assistant for your messages.

13. DND Mode

Want some quiet time? GB WhatsApp’s Do Not Disturb (DND) mode ensures messages won’t bother you during your break. Your peace, your rules.

14. Group Call Limit Bypass

Fed up with group call limits? GB WhatsApp lets you go beyond restrictions, adding more people to your group calls. Time to include everyone in the conversation!

15. Send Large Files

WhatsApp has file size limits, but not GBWhatsApp APK. Send larger files without the trouble of compressing. Share high-quality images, videos, and documents with ease.

16. Built-in App Lock

Concerned about privacy? GB WhatsApp has a lock feature to lock your chat private. Use this feature to protect and save your messages securely.

17. Message Scheduler

Got a birthday wish or important message to send but worried you’ll forget? GB WhatsApp’s message scheduler helps. Set a date and time for your messages to be sent. Never miss an occasion again.

18. Many Accounts

You can use two GB WhatsApp accounts on the same device but regular WhatsApp does not offer it. You can switch accounts to save your personal and professional chats separately.

19. Status Download

See a captivating status but can’t save it? GBApps allows you to download statuses to your device. Share the love by reposting or keeping them for your collection.

20. Broadcast to Groups

Save time by sending messages to many groups at once. With GB WhatsApp’s broadcast to groups feature, your announcements reach everyone.


To sum it up, GB WhatsApp is packed with features to make your messaging better. It lets you edit sent messages, break group call limits, and more. GB WhatsApp is easy to use. It is an alternative to regular WhatsApp. Why stick to the usual when you can enjoy the extraordinary? Download GB WhatsApp today and open up a world of possibilities!

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