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Are you tired of using WhatsApp Plus with so many limitations? Then download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK on your mobile phone and enjoy an amazing chatting experience. You can start chatting and video calling with your friends and loved ones with high security and privacy.

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Are you tired of using WhatsApp with so many limitations? Then download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK on your mobile phone and enjoy an amazing chatting experience. You can start chatting and video calling with your friends and loved ones with high security and privacy. This interesting messenger app has a very friendly interface with a golden logo and provides more charming features that you can not enjoy in the original version of WhatsApp. This interesting messenger app has a very friendly interface with a golden logo and provides more charming features that you can not enjoy in the original version of WhatsApp.By using the latest version of WhatsApp, you can enjoy multiple themes and layouts on your chat screen. Users can download status videos uploaded by their contacts and send them to their friends without sending any notification to the sender. It has user very friendly interface so that you can use all its interesting features without paying any charges. 

What do you mean by WhatsApp Plus APK?

It is an updated and modified edition of WhatsApp Plus that has enabled numerous privacy features, such as concealing blue ticks and double ticks, typing, and recording status updates. You can also hide your online and last-seen status so that you can save your precious time from useless chatting with your friends. These adorable features are not available on the original version of WhatsApp.This chatting app allows you to start audio and video from any corner of the world in high quality. So, download the updated version of WhatsApp Plus Mod APK on your mobile device enjoy its functional features, and make your messaging experience stronger.     

Features of WhatsApp Plus APK      

There are unlimited features that are introduced in this advanced version that you can use for free. These features of WhatsApp Plus are listed as                                                                                                                            

Enjoy High Security

By using this adorable app, you can enjoy chatting and video calling with end-to-end encryption. Any other external person can not access your chat and call logo. This is an adorable feature of WhatsApp Plus that you can enjoy without paying a penny.

Apply countless themes

By downloading the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK, you can utilize unlimited themes. You will not face any limitations while applying the themes. Users can enjoy both light and dark themes on your chat bar and enjoy 24-hour messaging without any headache. 

More customization options 

WhatsApp Plus allows you to use unlimited customization options, such as font sizes, colors, and headers, without paying any charges. You can also use countless layouts and apply their pictures to their chat or home screen. 

Enjoy more privacy features 

Many features increase your privacy during conversations with your loved ones. By downloading the advanced version of WhatsApp Plus APK, you can read text and hear voice notices without sending them notifications. You can also hide your online status and hide last seen from your friends. 

View profiles of specific persons 

In the original version of WhatsApp, you had to share your profiles with all your contacts. But by doing so, you are facing many security-related issues, such as people saving your profile pictures and using them for their mean purposes. By using this WhatsApp Plus app, you can show your profile pictures to your close friends and family members without facing any security-related issues. 

Share larger files and videos 

One of the outstanding feature of WhatsApp Plus APK is that you can share heavoir files to your friends and contacts. Users can share files of more than 2GB data and unlimited images and video at the same time with multiple colleagues and workers without facing any limit. In the original version, you can share videos of less than 50MB and just five images at a time. But this limit is crossed by the WhatsApp plus. 

Availability of stickers and filters 

WhatsApp Plus Mod APK has a wide collection of filters and stickers that you can use to enhance the beauty of your pictures. You can use these filters and stickers on your images just before sending them to your loved ones and enjoy more inspiration. 

Pin chats and use unlimited characters 

In the most recent version of WhatsApp Plus APK, you can pin up to 700 chats at the same time and respond to them quickly. Users can also use unlimited characters in the WhatsApp status and while editing the group name. This amazing feature is not available in any other chatting app. 

Add countless members in groups 

In the old version of WhatsApp, you could add a limited number to a group and after completing the limit, you could not add any other members. But by using the advanced version of WhatsApp Plus, you can enjoy unlimited members in a group and start chatting with them. 

Share your location 

One of the most outstanding features of WhatsApp Plus APK is that you can share your live location with your friends so that they can quickly approach you. This adorable feature is not available in any other messaging app. 

Enjoy audio and video calling 

If you are living abroad and want to remain in contact with your friends and family members, then download the WhatsApp Plus Premium APK on your mobile phone and start audio and video calling with your family in high quality. You are not required to pay any charges while starting the call.

Send auto-reply 

In some cases, you are required to wish your special one on their special occasions, such as wishing them on their birthday, anniversary, and others, at a specific time. But it is very hard with the tough scheduling and this messaging app provides you with a solution to this problem. You can set auto-reply so that you will send it automatically at a specific time. 

Offline mood 

While using other entertaining apps, your WhatsApp messages disturb you, and you can enjoy movies and dramas easily. By using the latest version of the WhatsApp Plus App, you can turn off your data on WhatsApp and enjoy another exciting app without being annoying. 

Additional key features of WhatsApp Plus APK

  • Safe and secure
  • Free of charge
  • Make audio and video calls
  • Clean unwanted data and chats
  • Hide last seen, blue ticks, double ticks, typing or recording status
  • conversation in a group of unlimited members
  • Enjoy unlimited themes, filters, stickers, and emojis
  • Share large files, pictures, and videos without any limitation
  • Free to use and download 
  • Compatible with many devices
  • User very friendly interface

How to use the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK?

If you are a pro user of the original version of WhatsApp, then you can easily use its Plus version because they both have the same interface. There are some steps that you can follow and enjoy a new chatting experience than ever before. 

  • First, you have to install this modified version of WhatsApp on your mobile phone and open it. 
  • After that, you have to confirm your phone number. You will be sent a verification code on your SMS that you have to enter to perform verification. 
  • Now, you have to restore the info and chats in the old version of WhatsApp. For this purpose, you have to restore the data but you have to keep it carefully because you can not enjoy the backup data many times simultaneously.
  • After restoring data and chats, you have to check all the updated features of WhatsApp Plus Mod APK that were not available in the original version. 
  • Now, go to the settings and utilize different options of customizations and themes so that you will come to know about all these and use them for the next time. 
  • You must have an understanding of the more sophisticated version of WhatsApp Plus and its amazing capabilities so that you can also take advantage of it and make your conversations more different from your family members.  

What are the pros and cons of the WhatsApp Plus APK?

Numerous million users are installing WhatsApp Plus on their mobile phones because of its many benefits. Below are some benefits as well as drawbacks you must understand before downloading it. 


  • You can install and use its modified attributes without paying any charges. 
  • This chat app provides you with more security and privacy features than its original version. 
  • Users can send unlimited videos and images without facing any limitations. 
  • You can send out up to 2 GB of documents to many individuals at the same time. 
  • The messaging application makes it possible to select from many accounts at the same time and on the same device. 
  • You can save the status of your friends and contacts and share it with your family groups.


  • There are certain safety risks that you have to handle using this fascinating application. 
  • This wonderful calling and chatting app is not accessible through the Google Play Store, and you have to obtain it from third-party sites.

How to downloadWhatsApp Plus APK on your Android?

This incredible application is not accessible from the Google Play Store and if you would like to get it on your devices, then you have to follow the given steps and install it

  • First of all, link your mobile phone to an online account. 
  • Now, start the browser on your mobile phone and enter the name of this captivating chatting app. 
  • Here are some sites related to WhatsApp Plus; open any one that you trust and open it. 
  • Now, move to the download button and start the downloading process for WhatsApp. 
  • In some cases, you are required to access unknown resources, so go to the settings of your mobile phone and press the settings button. 
  • After that, click on the security option. Here, you can find an option for Unkown Resources and enable it. 
  • After completing the downloading process, press the install button and wait for it. 
  • You have successfully installed this interesting chatting and calling app on your mobile phone. So, start chatting with your friends and loved ones.

How to download WhatsApp Plus APK on an iOS device?

  • First of all, download the IPA file or Cydia Impact on your PC. 
  • Now, connect your iOS device with your PC by using USB. 
  • After that, open Cydia on your PC and select your iOS. 
  • Now, choose the app option from the file option, scroll down, and then click on the file-sharing option. 
  • You have to select the updated version of WhatsApp Plus and then click on the Add button. 
  • After that, go to the Cydia app and then press the open button. 
  • Now, your favorite calling app will start installing and you have to wait for a while to complete the installation process. 

WhatsApp Plus for PC

  • Now we discuss using WhatsApp Plus on your computer. Let’s see how to get WhatsApp Plus for your PC and make chatting easier.
  • You need to install Bluestacks, Nox Player, and Memu. Visit their websites and download one.
  • After downloading the emulator, follow the installation instructions. Click a few buttons and you’re all set.
  • To get started, launch your new Android emulator. It’s like turning on your phone, but it is on your computer instead. Once it is open, open your preferred browser within the emulator and search for WhatsApp Plus. Make sure you download the APK file from a reliable source.
  • Locate the downloaded WhatsApp Plus APK file within the emulator. Like on your phone, tap on the file, and the installation process will kick off. It’s like giving your virtual phone a cool new app.
  • Once installed, open WhatsApp Plus within the emulator. Now you set up your account. Enter your phone number, and get the verification code for verification.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Plus on PC:

1. Big Screen Fun: Chat on a bigger screen for easier reading and viewing.

2. Easy Typing: Type with a computer keyboard.

3. Do More: Switch between tasks on your computer while watching your WhatsApp Plus chats.

4. Share Stuff: Share files and media using your computer.

Remember, get WhatsApp Plus from a safe place for security. Now, you’re ready to enjoy WhatsApp Plus on your computer – have a great time chatting!

WhatsApp Plus for MAC

  • If you want to download WhatsApp Plus for Mac, you are in the right place. Now we discuss it in simple terms.
  • WhatsApp Plus is for mobile devices like phones and tablets. But you can use it on Mac by following certain steps.
  • An Android emulator is a virtual Android device for a computer. It is helpful to use Android apps, including WhatsApp Plus, on your Mac. Here’s a simple:
  • Go for a popular one like Bluestacks or Nox. Visit their official websites to download the emulator.
  • After downloading install like new app on your Mac.
  • Launch the emulator. It takes a few minutes, but it is simple to download.
  • Inside the emulator, go to your browser and search for WhatsApp Plus. Download the APK file from a reliable source.
  • In the emulator, find the downloaded APK file and open it. This installs WhatsApp Plus on your virtual Android device.
  • Follow the usual WhatsApp setup process – enter your phone number, verify it, and restore your chats if needed.
  • And there you go! WhatsApp Plus is up and running on your Mac using an Android emulator.

Requirements for the WhatsApp Plus APK?

  • Users must have a mobile phone with a 4.0 or above version. 
  • You can download it on both rooted and non-rooted devices. 
  • You must enable the unknown resources before downloading this interesting app.


Q No: 01 Why do people prefer the APK version of WhatsApp Plus rather than its original version?

Ans: Because this APK version of WhatsApp has unlocked many advanced features and all the limitations that you could not enjoy in the original version. 

Q No: 02 Is it legal and safe to download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus Mod APK on your Android devices?

Q No: 03 Can you install WhatsApp Plus and use its charming features without paying any charges?

Is WhatsApp Plus Legal in 2024

Using WhatsApp Plus or other unofficial messaging apps can be risky. Be careful because bad things can happen to your account. Watch out for people who want to block or report you. If many people report you at the same time, an investigation may happen against your account. Is it illegal? It’s unclear because different countries have different rules about “unauthorized access.” But, it’s better to be safe and not use unauthorized apps like WhatsApp mods. People are confused about whether WhatsApp Plus is legal. Legally speaking, it doesn’t exist at all. You can’t download it anywhere; downloading it isn’t very risky.

WhatsApp Plus is a new app made by someone else without permission from the owners of WhatsApp. They copied and changed the original code to add extra features not in the official version. This breaks copyright laws set by WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp Inc., the company in India never shared its code for others to change. Making changes without permission is a crime, even if the creator wasn’t threatened. WhatsApp Inc. asked forums to remove links to the modified app when requested.

Using WhatsApp Plus isn’t illegal, but it comes with risks. If WhatsApp catches you using modified versions (MODs), they ban you for your behavior. WhatsApp banned many accounts using modified apps. They pressured users to switch to the official version. Over a year later, MOD users’ accounts can still get blocked by WhatsApp. Social media giants, like Instagram, are also going after MOD creators. They try to ban them, ask to install the official app, and block accounts linked to their phone number. This is to reduce misuse.

Is WhatsApp Plus Save in 2024

Let’s chat about WhatsApp Plus and if it’s safe in 2024. Many wonder if using WhatsApp Plus is a good idea, so let’s simplify it. WhatsApp Plus is a changed version of regular WhatsApp, with some extra features. People like it for those features, but its safety is uncertain. Using WhatsApp Plus is not risky because it is the official app. The original WhatsApp gives you more privacy and security. They update the app to fix any issues and keep your info safe. With WhatsApp Plus, you do not get these important updates, risking your data’s safety.

In 2024, save your privacy and security. Using unofficial apps may compromise your data and result in cyber threats. Stick to the official WhatsApp for the latest security. Using third-party apps like WhatsApp Plus might break WhatsApp’s rules. They could suspend your account if they catch you using unofficial versions. Play it safe, use the official WhatsApp. It’s updated, and your privacy and security matter to them. Avoid risking your info with unofficial apps. Stick to the official version and chat with peace of mind. Stay safe online!

WhatsApp Plus Data Backup Procedure

Now we talk about backing up your data on WhatsApp Plus. It creates a safety net for your chats and photos.

Open WhatsApp Plus

Open your WhatsApp Plus app on your phone. Find three dots in the top right corner – it’s a menu button.

Open Settings

Press the menu button and find “Settings” – usually at the bottom.

Find Chats

In Settings, find “Chats” or something similar. It’s where all your chat settings hang out.

Save Your Chats

In the Chats part, look for “Chat Backup” or “Backup.” Click on it. This is where the special stuff takes place.

Pick Backup Time

WhatsApp Plus lets you decide how often to save your stuff. You can pick every day or week or choose when it backs up. Choose what works best for you.

Link to Google Account

Keep your backup safe by connecting WhatsApp Plus to your Google account. If you haven’t done it yet, WhatsApp Plus will help you with the steps. It’s like giving your backup a comfy home in the cloud.

Backup Now

Once everything is set up, tap on the “Backup Now” button. WhatsApp Plus will start working its magic, saving all your chats and media to your Google Drive.

messages. So, be patient – it’s like ensuring everything is snug and secure.

How to Bring Back Backup:

Let’s discuss restoring your information if you ever need to reinstall WhatsApp Plus. Here are the steps:

1. Install WhatsApp Plus Official on your new phone.

2. Verify your phone number.

3. WhatsApp Plus will detect the backup on your Google Drive and ask if you want to restore it. Say “Yes.”

4. Your chats and media will reappear.

How to Update WhatsApp Plus

Let’s talk about making your WhatsApp Plus better by doing a simple thing – updating the app. Updates are like little helpers that fix problems and add cool new stuff. Now, talk about how you can update your WhatsApp Plus in a few steps.

Check for Updates

First, open your WhatsApp Plus. Find “Settings,” usually a gear icon, and tap on it. Look for “Updates” or something like that. Check if there’s a new version available.

Get the Latest Version

Now update the new version. WhatsApp Plus doesn’t update like regular WhatsApp. The newest version is found on the official WhatsApp Plus website or a reliable app store.

Put in the New Update

Now you get the new version, install it. Now find the file in your “Downloads” folder. Tap on it, and your phone will help you put it in. It’s like giving your app a little makeover!

Backup Your Chats

Before hitting that update button, it’s a good idea to back up your chats in case. You can do this within WhatsApp Plus. Go to “Settings,” then “Chats,” and you’ll find a backup option. Follow the instructions, and your chats will be safe and sound.

Enjoy the New Features

Once the update is done, open WhatsApp Plus again. You might notice some changes – new features or a smoother experience. Updates often bring improvements, making your messaging life a bit more awesome.

Be Cautious

Remember, only download WhatsApp Plus official updates from reliable sources. To avoid unwanted websites, it’s best to follow the official WhatsApp Plus site. Updating WhatsApp Plus is a breeze, and it keeps your app running. So, go ahead, follow these simple steps, and enjoy your updated WhatsApp Plus! Happy chatting!

Comparison Between WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp

Now we talk about WhatsApp Plus APK and GBWhatsapp. Both of them have additional features, but what distinguishes them? Let’s simplify it.

WhatsApp Plus

1. Cool Stuff:

It’s like a fancier WhatsApp. You get more things, like custom themes, extra emojis, and more privacy settings.

2. Updates:

Unlike regular WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus doesn’t update itself. You have to check for updates on their official site or good app stores.

3. Make it Yours:

With WhatsApp Plus, you can change how it looks with different themes. It’s like giving your messaging app a personal touch.

4. Keep It Private:

WhatsApp Plus has privacy, like hiding when you’re online or those blue ticks. You decide who sees what.


1. Features:

GBWhatsapp is a version of WhatsApp. It offers scheduling messages, hiding your online status, and customizing the app.

2. Updates:

Like WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsapp doesn’t update. You need to download the latest version from their official site or trusted app stores.

3. Customization:

GBWhatsapp takes it up a notch. You can change almost everything – the chat screen, notifications, and icons. If you love customization, GBWhatsapp might be your jam.

4. Privacy:

GBWhatsapp offers advanced privacy settings too. You can hide your last seen, blue ticks, and view your status without showing the other person.

Which is better for you?

It depends on you. If you want extra features without any hassle, choose WhatsApp Plus. It’s easy and gives you a bit more control. But if you’re into making things unique and want all the cool extras, GBWhatsapp is your choice. It’s like having a supercharged WhatsApp with lots of options.

How to Migrate from Official WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus?

If you want to migrate from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus, here’s a simple guide for you.

Save Your Chats

To be safe, save your WhatsApp chats. Open the app, go to “Settings,” pick “Chats,” then “Chat Backup.” follow the screen instructions to finish.

Download WhatsApp Plus

Now, head over to the official WhatsApp Plus website or a trusted app store. Look for the latest version – it might have some cool new features or fixes. Download the APK file to your phone.

Install WhatsApp Plus

Find the download WhatsApp Plus APK file – usually in your “Downloads” folder. Tap on it, and your phone will guide you through the installation. Don’t worry; it’s like giving your WhatsApp a little upgrade.

Verify Your Number

Open WhatsApp Plus. It’ll ask for your phone number – the same one you used for the official WhatsApp. Enter it, verify, and let the magic happen. If prompted, restore your chats from the backup you made earlier.

Check Out the New Stuff

You’re in! Take a look around. WhatsApp Plus might have extra things compared to the regular one. See new themes, emojis, and privacy settings. It’s like your friend with some fun surprises.

What’s New in 17.70 Version of Whatsapp Plus

Now, we talk about what’s cool in the latest WhatsApp Plus version 17.70. This update might bring in awesome things to make chatting even more fun.

1. Bug Fixes:

Updates often come with bug fixes. They’re like little tweaks that make sure everything runs smoother. Say goodbye to those annoying glitches!

2. Improved Security:

Version updates are like security superheroes. They patch up any potential weaknesses, keeping your chats and info safe. It’s like having a digital guardian.

3. Enhanced Customization:

WhatsApp Plus is all about making it your own. Check out if there are new themes or customization options. Make your WhatsApp you!

4. Better Performance:

A slow app is no fun. Updates make it faster and snappier, giving you a better messaging experience.

Wrapping it up 

Very consicelyy, Download WhatsApp Plus APK is an interesting ans well-known chatting and calling app that is using in all over the world. This modifed version provides you more security and privacy so that any other person can not read your chat with your loved one. You can enjoy many entertaining features in this messeging app that you can not enjoy in any other application. You can enjoy many new stickers and filters with very exciting emojis that help you define your impressions at the tags and chats. There is a complete process for using and downloading this amazing WhatsApp that you can follow and download on your mobile phone.

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